Task2Gather for Windows Mobile

Task2Gather for Windows Mobile is a task manager that helps you to be organized and successful in everything you do. Task2Gather allows you to create, edit and share tasks on the go.
All your personal, family, and business tasks are saved in the web cloud and can be accessed not only from your Windows Mobile device but also from your desktop PC or Mac.Task2Gather performs greatly not only as a personal to-do or shopping list but also as a collaborative tool for reaching common team goals.
Even if your family members, friends, or colleagues don’t have Windows Mobile device, they can work with you from a desktop PC, Mac or even iPhone. The idea of updating your shopping list while you are in the shop will be to your wife’s liking.

Task2Gather features:

Divide tasks into subtasks
Share tasks
Discuss tasks
Deadline set up
Color set up Progress (estimated/spent hours)
Version 1.3
Download $0.99

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